Electric Vehicle Shipping & What You Can Do To Help

I personally have never heard of another company doing this which makes it that much more special. The way it works is actually pretty simple if the end destination is within 80 miles whether it be a wholesale bulk order or a personal order the order will be shipped 100% by an electric vehicle in most cases. If the order is placed outside this range we will transport the package as far as we can in that direction and then hand it off to our contract shipper and they will take it the rest of the way. This ensures that we have a far lower environmental impact than any other company as we don't like competition so we just choose to be the best ;).

Why is this important?:
First of all, exhaust smells horrible and is very unpleasant to breathe for the humans and critters who live near roads or highways. For me, that is enough to say no to gas vehicles. The more scientific reason is that when CO2 from internal combustion emissions hits seawater, the seawater undergoes a reaction called OA or Ocean Acidification. This reaction lowers the PH of ocean water which has a lot of very sad effects on all the beautiful life that lives within the ocean.

This reaction lowers the PH of ocean water which has a lot of very sad effects on all the beautiful life that lives within the ocean. Some of the bad effects are making the fish very sick, killing off fish prematurely by the thousands. This same thing will happen to a human if we drink water that has too low of a PH. If you picture what it would be like to have the flu for your entire life that is similar to what these little fishies are going through.

Another common side effect of ocean water becoming too acidic is shellfish shells start to become very thin and weak making it hard for them to protect their squishy innards from the elements and predators. Leaving them almost completely defenseless. Imagine if your house was slowly disintegrating and you had no ability to rebuild it. You would get very cold, wet and you would be exposed to all the elements of nature including other humans who may want to steal your squishy innards!!! Well, maybe not that last part but you would be exposed to people who may want to do you wrong.

The protection of our world is up to us as we are the top of the food chain leaving us with an awful lot of responsibility. We need to stand up to what we have done as a human race and take responsibility as the keepers of this planet, we need to protect her from ourselves by doing very simple things.

What Can You Do?:
1. The first super easy thing you can do is to not use the one time use K-cups and opt for their reusable cups or even better don't use electricity when making coffee and use a metal and glass french press! The coffee will taste better than you have ever had and you will have no filter or K-Cup waste!!!

2. Along these same lines, you can source your creamer locally. It is super easy to find just look up farmers markets or organic produce markets and they will most always have local creamer. Lower shipping pollution and you are supporting your local economy and small business at the same time which is always a good thing :)

3. Last big thing is to use a refillable bottle and banish the plastic bottles to your survival storage kit. Even if you recycle this causes a lot of pollution because the recycler has to melt down the plastics, releasing toxic gases and then it has to be shipped to a manufacturer, then made into another product, and then shipped back to a distributor to sell the products. That is a lot of pollution for one little plastic bottle, isn't it? You can head to REI and pick up a refillable stainless bottle and every time you refill it you can pat yourself on the back for not putting another plastic bottle through the recycling process!