Affiliate Marketing For Youtubers, Bloggers or any other marketer

Hello, bloggers and YouTubers!!!

If you are looking to get into, or already established with, affiliate marketing then you are in the right place. We pay our marketers way higher than the average company does. If you look at Amazon they are in the single digit range as far as percentages go.

We pay our marketers about 17 percent per sale driven to our site which relates to $5 per sale. $5 commission per shirt on a $30 shirt is crazy! We do this because we see a benefit in making our marketers happy and wealthy for strong and long term business relationships. The way our system works is you message us on our site contact form using the email that is correlated to your website or youtube channel and we will create a 5% discount code for you to place in your blog post or youtube video. 

We suggest you pick out a few items and let us know which ones you want to do a video on, and based on your subscriber count or monthly site visits we can provide free articles of clothing or clothing at our production costs.

Tiers Of Subscribers
(5 items max for all tiers)

0-1k All items will be charged at our manufacturing cost. (You must have posted content and not simply use this program to get reduced pricing)

1-5k Subscribers, we can provide one article of clothing for free and the rest will be at our cost to produce the clothing. 

5-10k Subscribers, we will provide up to 2 items for free and the remainder will be at our cost of production

10k-50k we will provide 3 items for free and the rest will be at manufacture cost

50k and up all items will be free




Our policy is simple, you must create a video that highlights Old Norse Apparel in a positive light. If no video is produced within 30 days, you will be billed for the full cost of all clothing plus shipping. The merchandise may not be returned in this case.